The Destination Wedding. Destination? Squamish.

Meet The Swansons.

The Swanson Family portrait

This family portrait is one of my favourite photos I have ever taken. I think it captures a little bit of everyone’s personality. I’m going to put it into my portfolio. Also, they are standing on the bridge over the stream in their back yard – a space they all love. Just an aside – if you walk across the bridge (it’s a little bouncy) there is a lovely fire pit with chairs back there perfect for roasting hotdogs and marshmallows. We didn’t do any of that today, though. This was a fancy event! And it was BAKING hot up there. Thank you, summer! You have arrived in fine form, just in time for Bruce & Kathy’s wedding.

Some of the party favours included some fans, which the girls at the wedding enjoyed immensely.

Teehee! Fans!

Cute. They came up with this pose all by themselves. Perfect! I never would have thought of it in a million years. There were several posy girls, including these two BFFs (Best Friends Forever) and they have been pals since they were very little. They were sweet all afternoon, helping Kathy with her hair and her shoes and her nail polish.


Mike liked the pose so much, he tried it himself.



*Note to self: remember this pose for EVERY wedding I ever shoot! It’s flattering for everyone.*

This backyard wedding had an assortment of guests, including past marathon runner, Suzanne.


That was a lot of fun. I have lots of photos to edit and go through. I will post more after I run them past the newlyweds. Fair is fair! They should see them first.

Tomorrow will be a full day of photo edits. I’ve still got the 7th graders in suits to edit! Looks like tomorrow is buckle down day for me.

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