The dictator demands you have a Happy Halloween.

It’s mandatory.

You MUST have fun.

You must have fun.

Putin is so jealous right now of this sweater. He could only wish to look this good in this sweater. And turkey hat.

Cheggit. The sweater.

For Halloween, we dressed up in our ugliest Christmas sweaters and Christmas hats and handed out candy. It was a lovely time. We even did the teensiest bit of decorating out front with The Doug Brothers.


And, as Mike’s dad pointed out, how do we know they’re males? They could easily be females. His name suggestion of Daisy is a good one. So, who knows if this is Daisy and Doug or Phil and Doug? In any event, they were awesome Jack-o-lantern holders.

I was surprised we didn’t get that many kids. I guess since we haven’t been around for Halloween night the past couple of years, we didn’t see that many people don’t find our cul-de-sac and miss out on our treats. We handed out some treats – oh man, we have so many Rice Krispie Squares (fun sized!) to take in our lunches for the next few months. After chatting a bit our neighbours, we went for a visit to the He-Man-Ways for a bit to help “sort” Halloween candy (Oops! Sorry! Peanuts in this one. I’m sorry, I’ll have to keep that one.). And then came home and watched, It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and some weird Clive Barker horror movie that involved a lot of goopy creatures and 80’s singing all shot in Alberta.

Clearly, it was a great night.

Before dark.

A few more photos here for your viewing pleasure.

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