The Enjoy Bus


There’s something to be said about having a driver take you around the Lower Mainland to shop and eat. If this is how the rich and famous live, I am envious. The only thing I had to think about today was what we were going to do next. And when I could get a coffee.

We started out the day in Chilliwack at a pretty great quilt shop called, Hamel’s. There were 2 floors of wall to wall fabrics. So lovely. AND, there was a quilt all made up with Monica’s fabric designs!

CUTE! The fabric design is Monica's!

This was quite the coincidence.

Next door to the fabric store was the Dutch Cheese store. I stocked up on some delicious cheese and some sausage. I don’t think I’ve ever had such creamy cheese. So tasty. This is going to be on the list of places to visit whenever we have houseguests in the near future.

Side note: Also for sale in Chilliwack? Baby goats. Oh man. I didn’t buy one, but I sure did want to.

After that we headed over to the Daiso in Richmond, then hopped back on the bus to go to Vancouver to a shop near Main Street.


By this time, I had hit my saturation point with fabric shopping. Which was a surprise to me. I have a saturation point? I guess so. So I took a coffee & photo break.

Hi guys!We all had a little break at this point and I enjoyed some coffee from this shop. It tasted like caramel.

After this we went out to Maple Ridge and then to dinner.

Phew. This was quite the day off.

Sewing tomorrow. Cannot wait!

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