The fisheye (and other) lenses

Macro lens

I have wanted a fisheye lens for my DSLR since 2005. But who’s got $800 laying around for a new lens? Not me.

However, fisheye lenses are a lot more reasonable for your camera phone, and now that I have my iPhone with a great little camera in it, so we ordered a few lenses for our phones. CRAZY? Yes. We are in the future! We live in space times where the computer telephone takes photos and requires lenses.

Tonight was another late night – we didn’t get home until after 9:30 – well past dark, so I started experimenting in the kitchen with the new lenses. That spatula holder was taken with a macro lens. Great clarity!

Here’s the fisheye lens. Not quite in focus, but this is Oscar on TOP of the fridge. I guess they didn’t learn from the whole smashing M&Ms incident the week before last. Looks like I need to figure out how NOT to get my fingers in the shot with this lens.

Oscar on the fridge

And, here’s Oscar on the dishwasher, using the telephoto lens. I can’t believe the how sharp Oscar’s eyes look. And this photo was taken indoors, with some florescent lights and no natural light. Pretty great.

Sharp at night

WHOA! Imagine what can be done during the day in natural light! Tomorrow is going to be fun.

Skytrain fisheye photos? I’m going to try that!

Donner would not cooperate tonight with the camera, but I’ll get a fisheye photo of him in all his toofless glory.

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