The Golden Buddha

A Golden Buddha

I’ve been very lucky as far as work goes. In my last 2 jobs, I’ve had great coworkers. Right now I share my office with 4 other people and we have lots of laughs and tons of treats. It’s not unusual for me to get to work and there will be some sort of gift on my desk. Sometimes it’s candy or chocolate to save for Faturday, sometimes it’s a fancy tea bag, but today I had found a tube on my desk. I pulled the plastic off, unrolled a scroll, and out came the Golden Buddha. A gift from Mimi. She picked it up from the Buddhist Temple when she was there on the weekend. I hung him up above my desk so he’s looking down on the whole office.

I just looked up the meaning of this statue and it looks like since he’s standing on a lotus flower, this symbolizes self-realization, he’s also got his eyes closed, so that means he’s meditating, and:

The Medicine Buddha holds a myrobalan plant in one hand, intended to help heal disease….and elongated earlobes refer to hearing the world’s needs.


Man, is he ever doing a lot just by standing there.

Just another part of celebrating Chinese New Year.

Speaking of Chinese New Year, I am thinking of attending this event on Thursday night in Richmond. I won’t be able to stay to the very end, but it may be fun to attend for a little while before picking up Mike from work.

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