The Humility Clock

Awesome clock!

My buddy, Lysa, draws beautiful things on wood with pencil crayons. She is an amazing illustrator. She’s had her work on display in a gallery in Seattle last year and all over the internets. I was STOKED when she gave me this hand drawn and hand made clock for Christmas. I hung it up in our dining room today – Mike gave it a big thumbs up and our dining room is looking more and more cozy these days.

I noticed something about the clock when we got home from the movies tonight. I thought I was up very late at first glance:


Ha! Hang on a minute. Number reversal!

Mike and I are convinced (and love) that this a design feature and/or a humility clock – like the Amish are known to do – the rumour is that the quilter makes a block in a quilt upside down to remember that it would be prideful to make a perfect quilt because only God is perfect. Yay! Humility Clock is awesome! Thank you, Lysa!

Now that the holidays are done and done (but I am taking the Christmas decorations down next weekend) it is time to get back to work and everything else business as per usual. I’ll try to get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight because tomorrow will probably be commuting, full speed ahead. School is back in and so are all the businesses.

Elbows up!


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