The neighbour children


I mooched a dinner and laundry services off our kind neighbours today. Not only did I get a tasty meal, I also crocheted a carrot (courtesy of Johanna’s pattern AND yarn) while watching the gladiators fight on the UFC. It made for a pretty fun day and I’ll take a photo of that carrot tomorrow. As soon as I put it on the floor when I got home, Donner picked it up in his mouth and took it somewhere.


In addition to the treats, I got to take some portraits – I haven’t done that in the last few weeks, and the photo of Violett (above) was my first photo of the day. It felt good when I took it. And I believe the trick with my 50 mm lens is to get closer to the subject. I was able to get right up close to the kids (actually, they just walked up to me) and I think that worked pretty well for these photos.

Bibby with lipstick

That’s the littlest one showing me a toy she got for Christmas. She’s super cute – her hair is almost white-blonde.

Hooray for impromptu portraits! I had a really good day all around.

Tomorrow we’re going out to the country for a fondue party. I’ve baked the Angel Food cake (which will be cut up for dipping) and I’ll be making the cheese sauce tomorrow before we go.

And the two days after that? Working on my craft room. After crocheting today with Johanna, I really need to get back into making stuff.

Even if it’s just another crocheted carrot.

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