The neighbourhood children – part 2

Bibby on the couch

Mike & I went over to #21 for a good time and to watch some movies. We watched a movie that I think is over-rated and shall remain nameless. I don’t get the hype at all and this movie was EXPENSIVE to make. Oh well – everyone else enjoyed it. I sat through it making snide comments and knitting, so in a way, I enjoyed it. Heh.

Before we watched the movie, the kiddie winkies were up chit chatting with us and goofing around. Scott and Johanna’s littlest one rolled around on the couch until it was time for bed. She’s a wiggly little one, that’s for sure. Even though she’s not quite in focus in this photo, this is exactly what she looked like on the couch – sideways and silly.

Meanwhile, her older sister was fading fast.

You are getting very sleepy!

Although she said she wasn’t tired, she really was.

And this kid?

Oh my Brony.

Mike is a faux Brony. He plays too much World of Warcraft to make time to watch My Little Pony with the other Bronies.


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