The REAL Big Apple

The REAL Big Apple

I was very excited to tell everyone I met that we were going to Berwick today – and I would be sure to mention that it’s The Apple Capital of Nova Scotia. I have to tell you, everyone I told this to laughed at me. For the record, they are all the locals. I guess they weren’t impressed with my vast knowledge of Nova Scotia (I have now exhausted all my knowledge of Berwick) or they already knew this about Berwick. Darn. I guess I’m late to the Apple Capital party. Oh well. At least we got here!

We drove quite a bit today – across the province three times. It only took an hour to get across – we went across the skinny part of NS.


This morning we traveled from Bridgewater across to Berwick. Along this route we drove past a number of Christmas Tree farms, but mostly it was farms and windy roads. Really lovely.

The scenery

We picked up Dianne and went to Halifax to see Mike’s brother and girlfriend for a lazy afternoon of playing Cards Against Humanity and lunch. It was a good time getting caught up and then we drove back to Berwick, where we’ll be staying tonight. And tomorrow night!

Mike & Dianne

We took this photo right in downtown Berwick. And just after I took this photo, this tractor rolled right through downtown.

Rush hour in Berwick

Yup. The pace is very leisurely around here.

I really like it.

Guess what we’re doing tomorrow?

Two words:

Quilt. Show.

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  1. brandi says:

    tonight I just watched a show on cbc called still standing where the comedian goes to different small towns across canada, meets the people living there and does a stand up show. This night’s show was from Berwick it was quite entertaining. I guess its a small world.

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