The Sophisticate

All the fancy people hang out on Granville Street – it’s en route to Holt Renfrew. If you’ve not been there, it’s a high end, expensive shop where the Average Joe can pick up a smart hand bag for a mere $2,500 (Canadian) and you can buy T-shirts on sale for $99. This refined store is right next to my office and connected to the mall, which makes for a good shortcut for those days when I don’t make my lunch and it’s pouring rain outside. I like to walk through the store with my lunch – usually involving a large beverage and take the elevator through the store, just waiting for a pinchy-faced salesperson to let me know that food is not allowed in the store. So far, it’s not happened once! Incredible! And here’s another secret. They have the nicest bathrooms in all of downtown. They’re white marble and very, very clean. That tip could come in handy if you’re out and about and don’t want to use the food court bathrooms. There’s really no comparison.


This lovely dog just sat there waiting for me to take his or her photo. It was like he/she knew I would take a portrait of him/her. I think this dog looks like a her. It must be the long hair. I’ll just refer to her as a she from now on.

She’s a good dog. I loved how the wind blew that little wisp of hair up.

Thank you, cosmopolitan pooch! You have terrific style and a calm demeanor. You are beautiful.

And back by the Chanel sign, my office mate, Annie, is cracking herself up…

…because she is thinking about the Japanese Tourist Peace Sign she’s about to bust out. And that she did. For whatever reason, posing like this puts her into fits of hysteria. Who am I to interfere with such giddiness? I simply can’t.

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