The Three Ps

The Faturday Illustration by Jade

Pancakes, pizza and popsicles. That’s pretty much all I ate today. Oh Faturday, you are so delicious. Today’s menu reminded me of this illustration my friend, Jade, made for me on her last day at the office a couple of weeks ago. I put this little drawing in a frame near our front entrance. I love this theme and that tiny cutlery.

Other than going out for pancakes this morning (blueberry. YUM) I stayed home all the live long day. It was glorious. I got caught up in my chores – nearly avoiding the great laundry crisis of 2014 – we were dangerously low on underpants. And got some sewing in! I’ve been working on a Quilt As You Go quilt and made at least half a dozen 9 inch blocks today – in between loads of laundry, dishes and (EW!) cleaning the bathroom.

Here are two of my favourite blocks from today.

Improv blocks

They are just improv blocks. Each one has 2 patterns and a solid fabric in it. I hope that’s enough similarity to make a cohesive looking quilt at the end of this. These are all scrappy blocks – I just pulled out all my fat quarters and other chunks of fabric I’ve got in piles in the sewing room closet. It’s pretty much how I buy all my fabrics – pieces of this and that. I’ve got lots to work with.

Also, it was hot today. Donner hogged the fan all afternoon.

Fan hog!

Fan hog.


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