The tour guides? Or the tourists?

Tourists or the Tour Guides?

My camera feels too heavy to start taking photos of Vancouver again. I still have so many photos of Nova Scotia to post that it doesn’t matter. Those tourists in Gastown can always wait a bit longer. We came home to no rain at all and maybe a little bit in the foreseeable future. Frightening. I think there’s still a water restriction in place. Yup. Just checked. Stage 3 restriction.

Anyway, last week, when we were on vacation (*SIGH*) we went to the beach. Actually, lots of beaches that were dreamy and beautiful. Most beaches didn’t have that many people on them and the water was FREEZING. The Atlantic Ocean is freezing even though it sometimes looks like it could be tropically warm. Don’t fall for it. FREEZING COLD!

One of the lovely beaches we went to was called White Point – a resort with cabins and everything. Some of you may have heard it burned down once. HEH. ANYWAY, the beach was beautiful, like California. I’ll show you those photos later because in the grass, on the resort, were bunnies.

Stretchy bunny

He was stretching and preening under the boat. CUTE.


Yup. The animals were plentiful in Nova Scotia. There were bunnies all over the place at White Point. It’s a great place. I think we’ll go back and rent a cabin by the sea one day.

One day.

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