These are the quilters I know, I know! These are the quilters I know!

As we were cutting & sewing fabric – some by hand and some by machine – I took advantage of the situation and took some portraits of my fellow quilters. I love taking photos of my pals and then editing them at home to look just right…or how I think and remember how they look in my mind’s eye.


This is Amy. She organized this whole shindig, including door prizes! And I won a door prize yesterday, too! Orange fabric with circles. So. Cute. I really like taking Amy’s photo. There are just some people I gravitate toward when I’ve got my camera in my hands. She is definitely one of them.

Good times!

I interrupted Sonja while she was cutting out hexagons for her hand sewing project. I think I took a photo of the hexies she’s got done so far. I’ll upload those to flickr soon. She’s sewn a pile of them together already. And she sewed a pretty scrap-a-long quilt over the last few weeks. I’ve got a photo of that somewhere, too.

A quick break

Deb took a break from her project and let me take her photo. Rumour has it that she’s going to be Miss January for the FVMQG page…or maybe it’s Miss February.

We use technology

Modern quilters use all kinds of technology to make quilts – including laptops. I’ve even seen some sewing machines you can connect to your computer and then it downloads patterns and stuff right to your sewing machine. The internet pretty much turns those machines into sewing robots. It’s right out of a Stephen King movie.

The quilter with the slippers!

This is Helen. She sewed right across the table from me, so of course I took her photo. One photo I didn’t get was her sewing in her purple slippers. Library or not, sewing in comfort is a priority. I think next time we should have a “Come as you are” sewing party. I’d show up in pajamas. Actually, a few of us would – I’m pretty sure of it.

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  1. Lysa says:

    Aw! I love it and just hate that I had to miss the sew in! Thanks for taking such wonderful pic so I kinda feel like I was there! and yes we should have a slipper party for sure!

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