Today’s successes

Don’t mean to brag, but today I was able to help my buddy get back into her Facebook account. This is us after the big success!

We did it!

Yes, I DO look like a crazy person.

But back to the Facebook situation. What happens when you forget your password to your Facebook account and to your email account? We found out tonight. You kinda get stuck in a loop of reset messages until it sends a reset message to a different “recovery” account and that person is nice and sends the link to reset it all…and then it all fell into place! Email opened after 4 years and then access to the Facebook where 29 friend requests were living. Hooray! 29 more friends for Iris.

That felt good. I don’t really see myself as being a tech support person, but after tonight? I could so guide someone technically. I’m sure of it!

Once home after that feel good task, we got to enjoy us some delicious fridge pickles:

Delicious pickles.

I have to say, the pickled carrots (there were only a few on top) were my favourite. But the cucumbers were pretty tasty as well. I ate a pile of them with dinner. I’ll try the pickled beets after we’re done with this little jar. Happily, there are more carrots in there.

This is the recipe I used and they turned out great. I will try to get some more carrots before my favourite veggie stands close down this weekend so I can make some more.


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