Tourism 101 – Granville Island

At Granville Island

Granville Island on a sunny day does not disappoint. We dropped Mike off at work early this afternoon, then headed right over to the lovely Island for some food, some shopping and a mini-tour of False Creek. We hopped on the Aquabus and for the low, low price of $8, we took the tour of this community. False Creek was a busy hive of boating activity. We saw people rowing boats and people on paddle boards – why? Why paddle board when you can kayak or canoe? I don’t understand paddling oneself on a surfboard. I must be missing something about that sport. We saw yachts and even a dragon boat. So much activity on the water.

We also checked out all sorts of pretty items in the artisan shops. We found we have very good taste – must be genetics. My sister found the best vase ever for only $300 and I found repurposed vintage dress for $900. See? Excellent taste! And you can see these items right where we left them – back on Granville Island. DARN!

We spent about 5 hours in total there today. Phew! That’s a lot of walking, chit-chatting and drinking cold beverages. You can see a few more photos of our day here if you like that sort of thing!

Tomorrow we are heading out early for some blueberry picking with the He-Man-Ways. We’ll be leaving at 9am sharp (oof) in order to miss the crowds (YES!) and in order to avoid sunstroke (YES! Again!).

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