Turning in early

I’ve got chauffeur duty tomorrow morning to the airport. Mr. Browne is off on a long, overdue trip to Nova Scotia. It’s been 7 years since the last time we were there. He’s got a busy (good busy, of course) vacation ahead of him, filled with all kinds of fun stuff.

The kitties and I will keep the home fires burning, well for the most part, anyway. I’ve got plenty of activities planned myself, and as Mike said, “You’re never bored.”. It’s really true. Who has time to get bored? NOT. ME.

I do have a plan to get a lovely pedicure at the nail salon up the street called, VietNails. Whoa. They weren’t kidding when it says their website is under construction. I have plans to get my toenails done like this, but in black. I should print this off and take it with me when I go.

I can’t even imagine the time I have to get up tomorrow morning, so I’d better hit the hay right now. I doubt Mike will get any sleep because he’s really excited. Plus he won’t want to miss his flight.

I’m pretty sure Oscar will be like this the whole time Mike’s away.

Except when the kitty robot feeds him breakfast. And then again at dinner time.


  1. Andrea says:

    YAY VIETNAIL…oh, and Mike’s vacation too!!! Have a good vacation Mike!!!! Hope you will take lots of pictures. And Carol….I am so jealous I’m not going to Vietnail with you. One tip my sister and I learned…don’t splurge on the hot wax for after. It makes your feet so soft and nice but its torture!!!!!

  2. Lelainia Lloyd says:

    Have a great trip Mike! Too funny that the cats keep vigil., Indy does this when Pete leaves the house. Last night he went for a bike ride and Indy was like a hen on hot eggs-jumping up every time he thought he heard a sound that might mean his dad was home. It’s adorable, really.

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