Under the red glow…

Smiling Buddha sign

Mike & I went to the Museum of Vancouver to see the Foncie exhibit today. Happily, we were able to see bunch of the old neon signs of Vancouver at the same time. AWESOME. Can you believe in the 60’s that people found the beautiful neon signs to be ugly? Eye sores? So much so that the city passed a bylaw banning the signs? What? SAD. Some were saved/salvaged and repaired or restored and are now on display at the museum. I’ll post those photos soon. That neon room was awesome AND noisy. But mostly awesome.

Meanwhile, over in the hippie room, Mike peeked through the beaded curtain.
Mike in the Hippie Room

The Smiling Buddha Cabaret sign was right above him and cast a bright, red sheen over everything in that area. They had clothes you could try on if you wanted to. Mike declined as he could only find ladies’ wear. Spoil sport!

We originally went over to the museum to see the Foncie photos – a Vancouver street photographer who took millions of photos over his entire career just a few block from where I work, downtown. He retired in the late 70’s. I took a photo of his camera. It’s awesome. Just wait!

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