Waiting for dinner

Yes. Let me look at you some more.

Man. You’d think we never feed this guy. For reasons I don’t understand, Oscar has been giving me this look the last few days. Intently. He’s very patient and very persistent. He. Wants. His. Dinner. What else could it be? I’ve got nothing else to go on with him. He’s bossy and into food these days. I blame the soft food (of course) but it’s a small price to pay as he seems to have lost some weight. He’s also more active, for example: jumping up on the fridge, following you into the bathroom and chasing his brother around the house. Oh, and several hissy fits a day (at his brother) but then they curl up together and sleep side by side. Of course there is still the morning rubbing of the door, which is maddening. And yes, I swore about it today. And fed him so it would stop all the rubbing on the door.

I also can’t believe that I just had 4 days off. They flew by. My mom and sister left early this afternoon and I’ve done nothing but piles of laundry and watch episode after episode of Parks and Recreation. We were very late to the Parks and Recreation TV show, but now that we’ve started, we can’t really stop watching it. Leslie Knope is my favourite, with Andy Dwyer and Ron Swanson are tied for second. WAIT. There’s April. I am enjoying this show immensely.

Better get back to the giant pile of laundry. I wish Oscar could help out in that department with all his new-found, soft food energy.

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