We came for the eagles

Bird watching

After a savoury but delicious breakfast with some pals, (I don’t ever feel the need to take photos of my savoury breakfasts for some reason. I just love the sweet looking ones.) Mike and I headed into the heart of Delta farmland and took photos of the eagles (RIP Glenn Fry) at the North 40 Off-Leash Dog Park. The trees were dripping with raptors! Fully grown bald eagles and their juvenile, mottled, brown and white children filled the leafless trees.

The eagles fly.

The rain had stopped and we even had a little sun. It was nice to breathe in the fresh, clean air. I really love the location of where we live. It’s a 20 minute drive (if that!) to some of the nicest views of the farms and all the wildlife. We could even see some snow geese from the highway today. I’d love to get closer to see those birds close up, but that would be trespassing on farmland and that would be WRONG.

Don’t let my solitary photo of this eagle fool you. The park was full of eagles and they are pretty noisy birds. They kind of chirp, a much nicer chirp than the CA CA CA of the mean old crows. Also, there were a lot of seagulls nearby. Not nearly as regal as the bald eagle, but there is plenty bird diversity at this park.

And one heron.

Oh, hello, heron!

While most people were looking up into the sky, I noticed this guy on the ground. He walked very slowly, and sometimes he stood perfectly still. Then would walk in slow motion again after a few seconds.

Ninja heron.

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