We need to paint everything bubblegum pink

Cat on a bike in the garden

This afternoon we watched The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson and I loved, loved, loved it. I loved the story and the look of the movie. There were so many pink walls and men wearing purple suits. There was also some wallpaper that reminded me of the carpet from The Shining.

After watching such a rich, colourful movie, I went all the way out into the backyard to take photos of colourful things. Things like the cat riding the bike, our rose garden, which is going gangbusters…

Droplets on the roseOur garden consists of 3 rose bushes at the moment – 1 of which is a miniature rose bush. They all seem very happy these days, I may just give them some seaweed for one last push of blooms before the summer ends. And I’m not quite sure why the water has pooled in droplets like that.

Teeny tomatoes

We’ve got another big harvest of tomatoes coming in (they’re about as big around as a quarter). So that was nice to see. And a couple of blocks away, there’s a mighty oak tree starting to turn.

A mighty oak

In about a week, we’ll be celebrating the mid-autumn festival with mooncakes. I should find us a lantern festival to go to. OR WE CAN DO ONE OURSELVES!

What? I just may be on to something with that. In the backyard!

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