We were at the beach…

When we took Andrea to the beach the day before yesterday, we found a solitary starfish out in the tide line. Luckily, the tide was quite far out at Barnet Marine Park and not only did we see this starfish, but we also found a car tire. No low tidal pool in any movie I’ve seen is complete without the big rubber tire, so I felt we had really brought her to a legitimate beach.

My cousin loves all animals. She has a degree in agriculture and has fostered many kitties and a few dogs through her local SPCA. In fact, she checked in with them while she was here to make sure all went well with the “kitten grab”. Wait. That’s a good thing. Let me explain. The local animal shelter takes care of 2 feral cat colonies, so when they have kittens, they go out, make sure the kittens are okay and make sure the adults are then spayed and neutered. See? She love animals.

Upon finding this starfish, we all stood around it and wondered out loud what would become of him. Mike and C@thy wondered how long it would it would take him to walk back to the water or if a seagull would find him and eat him up. Andrea volunteered to put the solitary sea star and put him back in the sea. She promptly picked him up and gently tossed him in the water to safety.

Feeling heroic, we continued to walk along the beach until we found this:

And this was just one colony we found along the water – there were plenty more in driftwood and other logs and stuff. But still. She saved the one guy. We then discussed the possible situation that maybe that one starfish was trying to get away from the colony and was disappointed he was returned – perhaps he was trying to get away from them? Maybe he was bored of their sea star discussions and felt he needed to go on an adventure to get some new perspective. And the PLOP! back to where he started.

Meanwhile, my sister was picking up this?

EW. Why? I have no idea. But I can assure you she washed her hands vigorously after manhandling that slimy piece of seaweed, Mom. Blech.

And here’s Mike avoiding a shark attack.

A lovely time was had by all that day.


  1. Leah says:

    I want socks the colour of that starfish. Great fun. I suspect the starfish was happy to be in the water. He can get around to where he (she? it?) wants to be more easily in the water than out. I think.

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