We’re all in our places with sunshine-y faces.

Mike & Doug

I got home today to find Doug wearing Mike’s Canucks jersey. Wow. I didn’t think Mike would share his jersey with ANYONE. He must be very trustworthy. Also, Doug doesn’t eat much and never leaves the house, so there’s no chance of him messing it up. As I took their photo, Doug’s head slowly moved toward Mike, so I decided to use all the frames and make it into moving picture. Actually, it was more Mike than me. He turned it into a little GIF file. What a pain in the neck that process was. SHEESH. Two hours later, we had merged about 6 photos into a mini-movie. But totally worth it. Watching Doug’s head rotate over to Mike is pretty sweet.

In addition to Doug acting a little odd, so were both the kitties tonight.

Sharing? Amazing!

They shared the cat tree tonight. They never do that. It’s just one guy or the other – never both. Happily I caught this odd-ball moment with both cats in focus.


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