What victory looks like.

Today was a banner sewing day. Not only did I finish a 4 inch block in less than an hour, I got to see the completed mini quilt top that Lysa designed and Sherri finished! Here is victory in 4 easy steps:

  1. Iron the finished quilt top so it is impeccably flat.

Get the iron on it.

2) Check for any loose threads or anything out of the ordinary:

I think it's okay...

3) Breathe a sigh of relief. It’s perfect and it’s awesome!


See the cassette tape bottoms? Those are tiny sewn in pieces of fabric. Sherri’s quilt looks amazing. The colours, the cassettes, the cat in the glasses on her shirt? All of it AWESOME! And what does Lysa/the pattern designer think of the finished product?

Two thumbs up!

4) Two thumbs up from Lysa. And that is how you spell success!

And if you’d like to buy this pattern, it’s very reasonable at $7.10 (Canadian). Lysa is selling her pattern here. It’s an automatic download. Super quick. You could get started on it now if you wanted to #sewlikeamothertrucker.

After the celebration died down, Lysa brought out her WHITE Featherweight sewing machine. ZOMG. It is the dreamiest of all the Featherweights, I think. She got it for Christmas. It’s called Celery for some reason.

Celery! You're beautiful!

This sewing machine was made in Ontario, Canada in 1964. This is the first white Featherweight I’ve ever seen. I’ve only seen black ones until today.

Cathy and Lysa reading how to thread the bobbin.

Cathy and Lysa were reading the manual on how to thread the bobbin.

What a lovely day it was! I got my block done AND a pillowcase finished, so I felt pretty productive. I kept to my motto of using what I have and if I make another 100 pillow cases, I’m pretty sure I can use up all my fabric. Making 4 inch blocks is not going use up all the fabric at all.

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