Wieners and their owners

After birthday pancakes (Rooty Tutti Fresh and Fruity! WEWT!) and while I waited for Mike to get his hair cut, I googled events for Vancouver on July the 12th. I had done this before, but nothing exciting or fun enough appeared on the google when I looked before today. Today, however? WIENER DOG RACES appeared on my iPhone and I could not contain myself. Excitedly I told Mike about it and his response? “Oh yah. I heard about that. I forgot it was happening.”

WHAT? How does one forget about tiny legged dogs running at the horse race track? I have no idea.

This was the first time I’d ever been to the race track. I LOVED IT. We paid for parking, got a program for free, walked right in and were able to take photos to our hearts’ content. There were plenty of photo opportunities. For this post, I’ll just stick with the wieners.

Wiener racing? It’s serious business.

We were able to roam freely and enjoy the view. The whole area smelled like flowers, which I could not understand as there are barns dotting the area. I also noticed a sign that said the infield is open to the public in the afternoons. There’s a little bridge out there and I think a tiny pond. I want to go back out there one day and snoop around.

We saw all sorts of wiener dogs getting ready for their races. They wore tiny scarves around their necks and their owners wore matching pinnies.

FINALLY, it was time to line up the dogs. We couldn’t really tell what was happening at first, then we realized we were on the wrong side of the race track. We ran over to the other side, but it was packed with people. I stood on a picnic table and this is all I could see:

But when the dogs got running that space was filled up with the back of people’s heads. DARN.

HOWEVER, I did get an excellent view of the one little guy that ran the wrong way!

He was in his own race, I guess.

Also, one more bonus photo of the perfect specimen of a wiener dog.


So many wieners, so little time. There are many photos here of the racing dogs here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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