Words to live by

The words you see above are the rules for quilting if you wanna freestyle like we did yesterday. But really, these are words of wisdom for every day, thanks to Barb Mortell. I can work consciously & intuitively, make good scraps – it could happen! And be responsible. Be responsible was also known as, NO WHINING. Once you make your decision to cut a square in thirds or in quarters, you must be strong and continue on – don’t even think twice about the cuts you made. SOLDIER ON. Who knew that quilting could be so enlightening?

This weekend I also learned…

that this is the proper way to use a Tush Cush. Many thanks to Cynthia for her demonstration in this action shot. She’s an expert Tush Cush sitter.

It’s also important to…

bring your camera everywhere you go. And most importantly,

Always check the dryer before you turn it on.

Sheesh. Donner hopped in the dyer after I took some laundry out. Danger, kitty! I know someone who’s kitty was injured badly when her kitty unknowingly hopped in the dryer and the cat went for a tumble. The cat survived, but his tail was broken. Very awful. Thankfully I didn’t learn that the hard way, and am vigilant when I’m doing the laundry.

Now, putting your sister in the dryer…that’s a whole other thing. What? She only tumbled around once or twice. It was supposed to be a fun ride. Apparently it was very hot in there.


More words to live by.

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