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Garry Point Park

Yesterday we visited the Kuno Garden  – a Japanese memorial garden in remembrance of the many fishermen that died out doing that dangerous job. Yikes! I just looked it up. Fishing is the second most dangerous job. The only job more dangerous is logging according to this list. Recruiting did not make the top 10 list of dangerous jobs. PHEW.

I also forgot to mention yesterday that I tried sea urchin. There was a fisherman on the pier who was selling the urchins and giving out free samples. He showed us how to cut them down the middle, twist the knife in and crack it open. Inside was the speckled yellow meat. He put about a tablespoon on the top of my hand (think salt before you slam a tequila shooter. That’s how you hold your hand) and then you slurp up the salty meat! It was actually quite nice. Very creamy and very salty. I was tempted to bring one home, but decided against it. I was still quite full from afternoon tea. But another day? I think I just may try it again.

But that was yesterday. Today? I started my English Paper Piecing Starburst sewalong put on by The Fat Quarter shop. It’s a very cute project. Here’s Donner helping:

Thanks for all the help, Donner!

He’s really not helpful at all. He likes to flick the diamonds and the tiny scissors. I’ve got the needle and thread under lock and key in my zipper pouch. Safety first!

Once I sew the pieces together, it will look like this:

English Paper Piecing!

Sewing them together is the quick part. Cutting them all and glue basting them takes the longest. Perfect for TV days, which I’m assuming has started. The weather was windy and rainy all day. A great day to get the chores all done. And the sewing!

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