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by Carol Browne on May 15, 2012 · 3 comments

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Thanks to the internets AND the Canucks, Sarah Harris found me while searching for some Canucks blogs (I think). The thing is, she lives in the UK and loves the hockey! I’ve never met Sarah in person, but she’s sent me cool stuff from Jolly Old England – like this awesome Will and Kate totebag – and we’re buddies online. One day I will meet her in person – I’m sure of it – but today, I got to see her sketchbook in The Sketchbook Project. It’s a tour of hundreds? Thousands? So many art books created by people all over the world.

I made the most of my half hour visit – they have a tight schedule and have to close up at 7 pm. I didn’t leave until 7:20, actually, so they gave me a break/I kept holding up the show. Would you like to see the books I got to see? Here you go!

We Read!

You can see more beautiful pages out of the art books right here.

I just may stop on my way home from work tomorrow, too.

Lelainia met me at the event and I took her photo with her traveling sketchbook.

Her book is about to carry on to Los Angeles…Oakland…Toronto…Atlanta…


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