A great time was had by all


Our quilts were awesome! The display was beautiful!

Enjoying the quilts!

I guess some people were tired after a long day. LOLS. Shopping for awesome quilt supplies, looking at sewing machines that sew things all by themselves (Really. I watched one machine turn the fabric 90 degrees and then start sewing all by itself) and looking at these beautiful quilts sure takes it out of you.

Quilts at the quilt show

Oh! I see mine on the bottom there!

Glorious quilts!

We encouraged the visitors to vote for their favourites. We had ballot boxes and everything. We also had a ballot box for guild members to vote. Although I did joke about filling the box with my own number (cheater!) to win…I’m not sure what the prize will be…I did NOT do that. I can’t wait to see who wins, actually. There were lots of lovely, lovely quilts to chose from. Some of them will be going to Penticton for a different quilt show in the summer.

Also at the show? My buddy, Cathy, at her booth (full of lace and buttons and fabric. Super dreamy.)

Steam Trunk Craft Works

Clearly, Cathy had NO fun today.

I came late in the day for the show, but my main duties were to help tear down. It was sad to take down the quilts – kind of like taking down the Christmas tree.

Packing up those quilts.

So. That’s it for this year. I think it went well.

I had fun! More photos of quilts can be seen here.


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