Advent Calendar Day 10 – I love lamp?

I think I actually said, “Oh good!” out loud in the darkness of the morning. Today’s box was a big one. That usually means there’s a very important piece to the calendar – usually a new character of some sort. It was a Zuzu-sized-box, so I assumed it would be another officer or maybe another p0lice dog! But no. That’s not today’s piece. This is today’s piece:

I love lamp

Except it didn’t come all in one piece like this. It was broken down into 6 pieces – and I thought, “Why would they give me two bullhorns on an antenna?” But, since there’s no such thing as spare pieces, I figured out that it was a street lamp. I am so smart – SMRT.

What does one do with a lamp post? Why, cheerfully reenact the scene from Singing in The Rain shown here:

Please note: I’ve got a bonus (if you want to call it that. Heh.) post for later this evening to add. Michelle gave me the idea. Joy will be accompanying me to work today. It’s bring-a-snowperson-to-work-day today.


  1. Leah says:

    Well. SMRT. That is me!
    I hadn’t seen that before, with the torched diploma. Very Smart.
    In bits, I would have thought Zuzu’s radar guns had cault up with her. Well. I am sure the lamp post will be a vital part of the story to come!

    I do hope Joy is enjoying meeting the girls at work. She might like Australia.

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