Advent story – Day 20, Welcome to the dollhouse

Carol (out of breath): Frank…you’ve got to come see this! Wait! What did I miss?

Frank: What is it? Oh, and I’m just cleaning up. I tried a new cookie recipe, but I won’t show you until tomorrow – when the cookies are ready.

Carol: Huh? That’s like 12 hours from now. What the heck kind of cookies are they?

Frank: You’ll find out TOMORROW.

Carol: Sheesh. Fine. Look. You’ve got to come see this house. Mike and I have driven past it a thousand times, but this is the first time I stopped to take photos.

Frank: Why?

Carol: Just come with us!

We hopped in the car and drove about 5 minutes away to the little blue house on Broadway in Burnaby. At least I think it’s Broadway Street.

Carol: Tada!

Frank: What the?

Carol: Check it out. It’s Santa’s Dolly Workshop!

Frank: Santa has a special workshop just for the dolls?

Mike: Have you ever heard anything so absurd? What kind of grown ups decorate their house with dolls like that?

Carol: Yah! Hahahhahaa!

Frank: Ridiculous! Do you think they have a blog, Carol? Heh.

Carol: HEY! Check out their front door.

Mike: Wow. Wizard of Oz Dolls all over the front door.

Carol: I do love the penguins under their window, though.

Carol: Awww! Look! The penguins have their own tiny tree in their igloo.

Frank: Clever.

Carol: Look! The TV just turned on. We should get out of here. Let me grab the tripod and hoof it out of here.

Mike: Why? I’m sure they’d be nice to talk to if they came out and saw you taking photos of their decorations.

Carol: Nah…no thanks, let’s beat it.

Frank: Hey, should we check out the peeg down the street on our way home?

Carol: Sure!

We drove back to our place and stopped just a block away to check up on the pink pig sculpture.

Frank: Lookin’ good!

Carol: This neighbourhood kills me.

Mike: Okay guys! Let’s head home. Hey Frank, did you say you made cookies? I’m starving for some tasty cookies!

Frank: They won’t be ready until tomorrow. Sorry Mike.

Mike: What the heck? Why won’t they be ready until tomorrow?

Frank: You’ll find out tomorrow. I still have a few steps before they’re done. I bake them tomorrow. You’ll see!


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