Advent story, day 7 – if at first you don’t succeed…

The guys peeked in the bakery window as I finished the final touches on my super duper baked apple treats – a traditional German Christmas dessert.

Frank: Hmmmm…they look pretty good!

Mike: Yah. And they smell good, too.

Carol: Hey guys! I’m finished! Are you ready to try my very own version of Brataepfel?

Guys: YUP!

Carol: Okay…here you go!

I proudly displayed my creation in all its glory…

Mike (frowning): How do I eat this? Also, this is a baked apple. This isn’t a treat!

Carol: I used a knife and a spoon.

Mike: Why is there glue on top of it?

Carol: It’s not glue! It’s vanilla sauce.

Mike: Oh.

Awkward silence.

Frank: Yah, so…this treat. Let’s see, the baked apple is soft and nicely seasoned. However it could use more cinnamon and maybe some fresh ginger. You used ground ginger powder, didn’t you? *raised eyebrow*

Carol (glumly): Yes.

Frank: I like that you used cashews and raisins in there, though. That’s tasty.

Carol (glumly): Thanks.

Frank: This vanilla sauce looks like glue and tastes like nothing. I’m sorry, Carol, but this treat is a bust. It doesn’t even taste like vanilla. Or sugar. It actually tastes like nothing. This prototype baked apple needs a lot of work.

Mike: Here, you can have mine. Baked apples aren’t my style. Actually, maybe Tooter would want this.

Carol (glumly): Well, it’s back to the drawing board. On second thought, baked apples aren’t really a food Santa could take away easily – it’s a sit down snack, not a eat-on-the-run snack.

Frank: Why don’t you two go for a walk? I’ll clean up the kitchen and try some other recipes.

Carol: Thanks, Frank. That’s a good idea.

Mike: Hey, you want to go see the people skating at the ice rink around the corner? You can take pictures of people skating! Maybe we’ll see a hockey player!

Carol: That sounds good.

We walked around the corner just in time to see the Zamboni getting the ice ready:

Canucks Open Practice - in tilt-shift

Carol: Woohoo! Tiny Zamboni time!

Mike: And guess what else it’s time for? Retro skating night! Look! It’s Lisa and her boyfriend, Dale!

Carol: Hey Lisa! Hey Dale! How are you guys? I didn’t know you turned the ice rink into a skating disco at night! W00T! Do you take requests? Will you play Born to Be Alive? How about YMCA? VILLAGE PEOPLE YAH!

Lisa: Hi Carol and Mike! We love Disco night at the skating rink! We’re the MCs and DJs couple of nights a week. Did someone say Born to be Alive? We will play it next! CAN YOU DIG IT? I KNEW YOU COULD!

The ice rink came alive with people skating and doing The Hustle and The Bump. It was a 70’s revival!

Carol: Hey look! That guy in the red pants just did a face-plant in the snow bank! I just took his picture. Ha!

Mike: Nothing like a little Schadenfreude to cheer you up!

Carol: Yup.

The night just got better and better after that.


  1. Sarah says:

    Gosh – do you really live within walking distance of GM Place? As a rabid Canucks fan living a VERY long way away (on a different continent), I couldn’t be more jealous!

    Loving the tilt shift Zamboni 🙂 (are they allowed to use real Zambonis now that GM have stopped their sponsorship, I wonder?)

    I’m enjoying your lego advent story very much – it must be a lot of work, thank you

  2. Leah says:

    Well. I am sorry the baked apples did not turn out as planned. That is a bummer. I now know about Schadenfreude. Good. I wish Frank would clean up my kitchen. That blonde doing a back bend with one foot up makes me nervous.

    Excellent story!

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