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I am very well rested after last night’s activities. I spent the afternoon leisurely editing photos. Here are some of my favourites WITH honourary awards! I love awards! It reminds me when I worked at a company that tried an award system for the staff called, “A Pat on the Back”. If one of your coworkers did something helpful for you, you would get the special form and write it up. Then it would be put in your employee file by HR. What ended up happening was that you would just write up the forms for your friends – kind of like Valentines – not because anyone really did stuff, but because you were liked by your peers. Once we realized they didn’t really mean anything, we started calling them, “A Shat on the Back”. And that’s what I will forever lovingly remember that HR experiment as.

In the spirit of The Shat on the Back program (all in good fun!), here are my awards for last night’s bands. I had a GREAT time and was so happy to be invited and free reign to take their photos.


This was the guitar player for a death metal band called Oxen. This band was awesome, and if I had to decide on only shooting one type of band, it would be death/thrash metal bands. The lead singer sounded EXACTLY how you would imagine Satan would sound. These guys play their instruments super fast and super hard. This screaming guy could play guitar SO FAST, it was pretty incredible. Also, a flying V guitar? YES!

Added bonus: I saw him walk in to the venue with his guitar and an amp – but it was on a little dolly – it reminded me of a carrying case a flight attendant would use. Did he care? NO. Dude’s too cool. I like that.


This band started off with clothes on – dresses, actually. Hairy dudes wearing dresses or sarongs – you had me RIGHT THEN. The name of their band is Weird’eaux in the noiZ Community. Their music was cool – they reminded me a bit of Tool and Mike thought they had a Chili Peppers sound. They put on an entertaining and energetic show. Apparently it got really hot up there, though, and a couple of the band members stripped down to their underpants. YOU’RE WELCOME!

The lead singer earned himself a secondary award – for the BEST BRAD PITT BODY FROM FIGHT CLUB UNDER A DRESS AWARD.

Again, you’re welcome. And thank you, Weirdeaux!

My final award goes to a band called The Dick Smithins for the choice of footwear for some of the band – including the lead singer. Sadly, I didn’t get a photo that I liked of their shoes, so trust me when I give this award:


These guys were on the punk side and I will always love a song that starts with dudes yelling, “1! 2! 3! 4!”.

Last night was most enjoyable. I will keep an eye out for these bands to hear them play again.

For your viewing pleasure, you can see all my photos here, here, here, here, here and here.

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