Batman at the end of the bed

Batman at the end of the bed

Kidding! It’s just Oscar!

Malcolm let me use is fancy lens – the specs are 17.0-55.0 mm f/2.8. All that means to me is that 1)it’s good for things up close – but not too close 2) it responds well in lower light conditions and 3) the focus is crispy clean. See what I mean?



Sadly, Malcolm remembered to take it home with him when he left. DARN.

In other news, you snooze, you lose. I was too late to get the Year of the Snake stamps for mailing within Canada. Thankfully, I did get my hands on the International stamps, though. Hooray! I didn’t miss the boat all together.


I checked with my Chinese New Year consultant – my office mate, Mimi – and this is the weekend that Chinese New Year starts. In order to not wash away your good luck for the upcoming year, the tradition is not to wash your hair the first day – on Sunday. And not to vacuum or sweep on that day, either. Once I confirmed this with her, she asked me if I was superstitious. Of course I told her I wasn’t, but thinking about it, I think I am a little bit.

But, who doesn’t like to find out one day a year you’re really not supposed to vacuum? Actually, you’re not really supposed to be cleaning your house that day, either? Maybe I’m just more lazy that superstitious.

Maybe? Heh.

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