I went down to The Vancouver Art Gallery today for the MukMuk rally (more on that next) but was terribly distracted by some guys in red shirts bouncing on a trampoline. Someone said they were the Olympic trampoline team, but I didn’t see anything identifying them officially. But who cares? They were awesome. Here’s some more trampolining shots…

These guys were fearless and upside down a lot.

And my favourite shot because, well, look and see:

Water propulsion!

Meanwhile, the whole reason for my visit to this location was for the MukMuk Rally. If you’re not sure what a MukMuk is, he’s a little mascot “side-kick” and this is what he looks like.

He’s a little marmot and an official character created for the Olympics. The rally today was to promote MukMuk as an official mascot and not just a side kick. True story. I know. But it was all in good fun, so I went.

Here are all the people supporting the MukMuk cause.

And, Marmots have feelings, too, you know.

Well, I hope this helped MukMuk feel appreciated and supported. Sadly, a guy dressed in a MukMuk costume did not show up. AW. I was hoping to get a handshake.

A few more photos here if you like the trampoline and marmot mascot types.

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  1. Leah says:

    Wow! You guys did it according to your link! Mukmuk is now an official mascot instead of a sidekick. : )
    I Loved Trampolining. I really liked flying through the air. It needs core strength which I don’t have anymore for the physical confidence. Maybe youth helps! It is a fun thing to watch though, isn’t it?

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