Chinese New Year update – The Year of the Monkey

Monkey? I guess so.

While cleaning up and putting away the Christmas Tree ornaments yesterday, I found my Chinese Zodiac decoration for Chinese New Year. I think the animal above the rooster is a monkey. None of the other animals really looked close to being a primate. And speaking of cleaning up and being a primate, guess who broke her toenail in half yesterday while moving furniture so she could vacuum around it? ME. It broke in half horizontally, so I officially have half a big toenail (the bottom half, specifically). It didn’t hurt nearly as much as I thought it would. But the, under-the-toenail-skin is pretty tender today. No photos.

You’re welcome.

ANYWAY, Chinese New Year is super close – February 14th is the Chinese New Year parade, but I think the actual day it starts February 8th. Early next month! And it’s a statutory holiday in BC on the 8th. I’d better hit Chinatown and see what’s happening at the Chinese Grocery store.

Here’s the whole decoration in all its glory. Hopefully hanging it on the back of a door is not a feng shui faux pas.

Zodiac Animals

It’s very cheerful.

I celebrated the upcoming new year with Scratch & Win tickets and coffee.

Delicious coffee.

Mike bought me those tickets. Sadly, I won nothing. But all I needed to do was play Keno at the same time and then I would know what it’s like to be a 90 year old retiree! Coffee! Scratch and Wins! Keno!

I should be so lucky!

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