Christmas lights are down.

The lights came down today.

It’s February 2nd and I pulled the Christmas lights down today. I have to say we hadn’t turned them on since January 2nd, so that makes it okay. Mike stapled them to the car port and that was a great idea because they hardly required any effort to pull down. They just popped off!

I was thinking we could keep them up until Chinese New Year, but that’s pushing it. Hey! That’s this week! Year of the Monkey coming right up. That reminds me, it’s a long weekend coming up. Yay! Oh wait. I’ve already had the whole week off.

AND, we got mystery mail today.

Mystery Mail today!

This letter came in the mail today. There was no return address, but there was a stamp from Poland on the back! The letter was mailed in Canada (it was stamped. I checked). I read and reread the letter and couldn’t read the signature. Who sent us this letter?

Stumped, I went to empty the dishwasher and then it came to me…


Mystery solved.

Thanks, Dave! Mike and I loved getting this today. And I hope you also, “savour afternoons of nothing but creation for creation’s sake.”.


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