Dogs on parade

I know. I know. I’m really stretching out the parade photos. But I couldn’t leave out the dogs. And boy, were there ever plenty of dogs. The Hats Off Parade should really be called Bring Out Your Dogs! Because there were dogs all over. I love a pet friendly event. There were tiny little dogs like the one above, and horse sized dogs, like this one:

A very great Dane. Also, there was this boxer making a funny face.

In addition to being pet friendly, the parade was wildlife friendly. The Wildlife Rescue Association handed out bags of birdseed and a card attached with information on when to help a wild animal – including when to call the WRA before touching the animal. This is good information to have because, sadly, there have been times when I found an injured bird and didn’t know what to do. And in our neck of the woods, that’s coyote bait right there. The most important thing is never rescue anything other than a small bird – call the WRA for any other wild animals. Got it.

To wrap up the parade coverage, I wanted to leave you with this:

Two kids, one coat.

I hope you enjoyed all the faces of the parade! I know I sure did. Grumpy pants and all.

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