Finally! A window display that makes sense!

Holt Renfrew window

The fancy store across the way has created a terrific window display in all their windows along Granville and Dunsmuir streets. Which reminds me, I need to check if people in retail call this window displays anymore or if it’s all called Visual Merchandising now. I’ll ask one of the fashion design instructors this week and let you know.

With only 2 days until Chinese New Year, I had to make the most of tonight’s time at home and cleaned up the house. I vacuumed and washed all the floors, got a load of laundry done and cleaned up the bathroom. I would have loved to have gotten more done – like really cleaning out the drawers and stuff, but I would have had to start that at least a week ago to get a real, thorough, deep clean done. Sadly, my time management skills are not up to snuff. I always think things are only going to take a couple of hours. Usually, I’m off by days. DERP.

Fashion tips

I never thought about Oscar or Donner wearing a dress, but now I know what they’d look like if they did. CUTE!


I think tomorrow I will head out to Richmond for the Chinese New Year Eve party. I got enough cleaned up that I think it’s warranted. I have no idea what to expect, except a sea of people and a very busy parking lot.

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