Full Indie was fully fun!

Yes! Games!I came because of work, but stayed for the fun!

I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed this whole gaming event thing. What started as a work thing – attending the Game Jam last weekend – turned out to be really lots of fun. Tonight I was able to play some of the games that the teams developed over 48 hours at the regular gaming meet up called Full Indie. They made games that worked very well and had amazing graphics, too!

I watched people play the game, “My Dad Can Beat Your Dad” – a punching game, a samurai fighting game, and others. I would have played them, but the line ups to play were huge! This event was very popular. I know over 300 people were registered to come, but it felt like plenty more. I did get a chance to try THIS, though!

Chris wearing the game

It’s a video game that you play on your smartphone inside a specialty pair of goggles and you play it BY LOOKING AT THINGS INSIDE THE GOGGLES. BUT THOSE THINGS AREN’T REALLY THERE! It’s the future! It’s virtual reality and it makes you feel like you’re in a room. You have to spin around – you actually move your body – to find things in a room (that doesn’t exist. But you’re standing in it. Whoa.) and your brain and body don’t really get that. I felt like I was standing in the room for a few minutes after the goggles came off.

This man created the game:


It is VERY, VERY cool.

AND, if that’s not enough, I got some swag from Hellbent Games.

A hat!

New toque! I will wear it with pride!

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