Getting our Chinese New Year treats

The man with the walking stick

Tonight after a worky work networking event (which was successful! Yay! I didn’t have to read a book in the bathroom waiting for the frat boys to finish their shenanigans. That happened once at a networking event I went to a couple of years ago.) *Also, I just made a typo – newtworking. That could be a fun event. Meeting in slimy logs with toads and stuff. I should start a newtworking event business! This is a million dollar idea.

ANYWAY, I found myself a few blocks away from TNT – the Chinese grocery store that is ripe for the picking with Chinese New Year treats. I picked up the essentials for CNY – chocolate fish wrapped in gold foil (SO. AWESOME.), all the KitKats one or two people could eat on a #Faturday – including a package of Halloween KitKats with instructions on how to bake them in the oven. I will check with my trusty coworker Mimi about that because the instructions are in Chinese. I can’t read what temperature I’m supposed to cook my KitKats at! Of course I’m going to try it. And, the thing you need the most for Chinese New Year celebrations, Pig on Toilet. Yup. I got one. At the grocery store.

It makes perfect sense.

After I gathered up all my Chinese New Year necessities, I strolled around Chinatown for a few minutes before heading home. It was the first time this week I pulled out my big camera and I’m glad I did. I’ve got some photo work coming up.

I need all the practice I can get between now and then.

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