Getting the Cauldron ready

I made a little trip to the Cauldron today because I heard it will be lit up again for Canada Day tomorrow. I seriously doubt I’ll be making any trips downtown to see it lit up. Call me a crabby old crabtree, but I’m not up for THAT public transit experience. No way, no how.

Anyway, I was surprised to see that they’ve added a fountain to the cauldron, and there’s no fencing or anything around it. I was able to walk right up to it. I believe it will be accessible tomorrow for the festivities as well. There were a couple of stages and rows and rows of chairs set up. Also in the general area? The CTV tents and a great big screen with the newscast on it.

There was a crew putting the final touches on the Cauldron and getting it ready to go. I could see the gas coming up out of the top of each post. It really looks nice in this convention area – it’s a paved park overlooking the North Shore Mountains and the Burrard Inlet. Also, from this angle, it looks pretty nice against the Cole Harbour glass buildings along and the old fashioned Marine Building.

I’m sure tomorrow’s festivities will be great.

Interesting fact: I read on miss604’s website that if you want to light the torch for a special occasion you most certainly can, for the low, low price of $10,000. Hey, it’s my birthday coming up. Hmmm…and it’s my 40th, so perhaps I could sell the car, take out a loan from the bank and light it up. An excellent investment! What? It stays lit for 24 hours. We could pitch our tent on the pavement and I wouldn’t have to worry about running water – it’s right there.


  1. Lelainia N. Lloyd says:

    I’d heard they were going to build “a moat” around it. It looks like they did a great job. I was an Athletes’ Marshall during the games and stood RIGHT UNDER the flame after the opening ceremony at the stadium. Let me tell you, that puppy throws a heck of alot of heat and you can’t stand that close to it for more than a minute or two without feeling like you are being BBQed.

    While people were bitching about the chain link fence, I can totally see why they felt the need to have one. Someone really could have been hurt. The moat seems like a more workable solution and if some idiot feels the need to try and climb up on the torch (cause you KNOW that’s eventually going to happen!) and lights their stupid self on fire, well at least there will be water close by to douse them.

    It really looks beautiful in that shot you took. I plan to head down there tomorrow for the festivities.

  2. michelle says:

    weird question … what is it made from? i had thought all this time that it was made of metal, but in these pictures it looks like glass … and so much prettier.

    this is the piece of public art on the halifax waterfront that we’re not allowed to climb on … … although people still do. not quite as magestic. 😉

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