I see you’ve started decorating.

Today we had company!

Today we had company over! Not just these skeletons, but neighbour friends. We hung out, ate pizza and watched Dr. Who. Good times! Patrick noticed I started decorating for Halloween. I realized that I haven’t even begun! I still have to go into the shed and pull out even more decorations. I also remembered that I haven’t brought out the Peanuts Halloween figures since we moved here. I think this will be our 3rd Halloween in our little townhouse. I really do like our place here. It’s perfect for us.

I have to figure out where to put Charlie Brown and the gang. We had a lovely fireplace mantle at our last place. I’m pretty sure Donner will love the size of these figures, so it will have to be in a cat-free zone. I’ll come up with something. They boyz leave the Christmas Tree alone, so it can’t be much tougher than that.

Speaking of brothers...

This week coming up is shaping up to be a fun one. We’ve got a jam packed schedule:

  1. Quilting Bee on Thursday night. SWEET.
  2. Thanksgiving Dinner on Saturday night with some pals in Richmond.
  3. A wedding on Sunday! Oh my gosh! I think this is my first Fall wedding. I cannot wait to see the decor. This is very close to my dream of attending a winter wedding. A winter wedding where the wedding party wears capes and puts their hands in muffs.

Please. Like I’m only one with this dream?

I highly doubt it.


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