#TinType #Hipstamatic getting ready for the big day!

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It’s not looking good in the pumpkin carving department. I’ve waited too long, seemingly because I don’t believe in calendars and cannot believe that Halloween is the day after tomorrow. WHAT? How did this happen? I am doubting my ability to manage celebrations. It’s becoming very clear that I am losing track of time. It’s just going by so fast these days. It feels like we just celebrated Christmas 2013…and here we are…almost to the 11th month of 2014.

Well, at least I got my costume ready and bought candy. I got the important things covered. CANDY and a RED CAPE!

In other news, apparently today is National Cat Day (in Canada? Or just the USA? Shouldn’t they call it International Cat Day?) Can’t we all celebrate together? Well, let’s, shall we?

In celebration of International Cat Day, here are a couple of my favourite photos of the boyz.

Here’s Donner back in the day when he had all his teef.

Whoa. I just checked. That was 3 years ago. I wonder if he had a mouth infection then? He certainly looked fabulous. I love that little guy.

And here’s one of my favourites of Oscar:

Sadly, neither he nor Mike are in focus. But look how little Oscar was in 2009! Just a little boy.

Here’s a photo of Oscar in focus. He’s chattering. I love it when he does this.

Mean old birds.

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