Ladies and gentlemen…Jesus Krysler!

by Carol Browne on April 6, 2014 · 1 comment

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Mike at the mike.In a crazy turn of events, Mike got to introduce the band that played before Beyond The Confines – the band we were shooting. The name of that band was Jesus Krysler. SNORT! Pretty much my new favourite name for a band now!

As I was taking Mike’s photo of him up on the stage, I heard someone say, “HEY! What’s my supervisor doing up on the stage?” HA! I guess Mike and Scott weren’t the only SHAW employees at the concert tonight.

We had a great time – I can tell because my ears are fully ringing right now. EXCITING! It’s been ages since we’ve been to a show. The band (hereby referred to as BTC) played at The Red Room in downtown Vancouver. We had free reign to the place – which I found weird AND exciting – so we were able to waltz backstage whenever we felt like it and even walk across the stage if we wanted.

Beyond the Confines

That totally felt weird, and I only did it once. For the most part, I hung out on the sides of the stage, but for the last couple of songs, I went right up to the stage and shot face on.


Phew! That was fun! I cannot wait to go through allĀ  my photos and pick out more of my favourites. Being a band photographer is really pretty fun. I hope I can do this again sometime soon.

Tomorrow I will be sorting through literally hundreds of photos. Not only do I still need to edit The Wiz photos from Thursday night, but I now have these band photos to take care of AND do the FVMQG meeting photos from March. Oh man. I am losing track of space and time. Nah. Last month was just filled with event planning detail. But not this month. I’ll get caught up tomorrow.

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