Let’s hear it for the dogs!

Everyone was loud and proud at the Pride Parade last weekend, even the dogs! There was a whole section of dogs all dressed up and walking down the street with their owners. There was the big dog above in his/her feather boa and fairy wings AND painted toenails!

There was a display of Pit Bull Pride:

Cesar Milan would be SO proud of all these dogs. They were very calm and balanced. Some walked ahead of their owners, but other than that, very well behaved dogs.

This dog just plodded along with the others, in his boa…and all around him people cheered and hollered.

I really liked this dog. I think she? He? is a very good dog. And what did the some of others in the parade think?

I think they loved the dogs, too! Hooray for the dog pride!

On another note, do you think this guy’s mustache is real?

Maybe he borrowed it from Tom Selleck? Or maybe Borat? In any event, Freddie Mercury was looking down at him and smiling. That’s for sure.

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