Love is…

Love is...what you want it to be.

After attending the early voting polls (Federal Election vote! Check!) we drove into Vancouver for a wedding at Granville Island. I know! On a Sunday! And on Thanksgiving! I was very curious as to how this was going to go. On the way to the Granville Island Hotel, we came across this chalk wall where people wrote their thoughts on love. Very fitting for the event we were about to attend.

Fall leaves.

We did get there pretty early, so we walked around the market place, listened to a man play guitar and sing in French and went on a little tour on the Aquabus. So cute. The tiny boat took us to Yaletown – where a man got on the little boat with a car bumper. Cleary he was a local because he knew exactly where to put the car bumper on the boat and paid with a ticket (not cash, like the tourists do). Sadly, we saw NO whales. Bummer. I was secretly hoping that grey whale that keeps swimming by Stanley Park would have taken a detour into the harbour, but no luck there.

The wedding was lovely! We had a proper sit down dinner (with three or 4 courses? I can’t remember), lots of toasts and speeches, lemon meringue tart with edible gold leaf and dancing!

Dancing the night away.

There was also a poutine bar – with fries, gravy, cheese curds and all the fixings. I may have had some.

That’s two days in a row of celebrating. I think tomorrow I’ll just have a banana smoothie for breakfast and call it a day.

Day 2 of the long weekend was a great success.

And congratulations Kevin & Hannah!

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