More and more Chinese New Year parade photos

We just got home from seeing The Lego Movie, which was adorable, feel good, and happy. And awesome. AND it was in 3D – the best surprise of ALL. I will watch every and all 3D movies no matter what the story is. So far, nearly every movie was a fun treat – this one especially. Will Farrel in 3D was terrific.

You know where we saw this movie? In Chinatown. In the same area we saw the parade yesterday! We saw the God of Wealth:

I’m pretty sure this is a new God of Wealth. It’s not the same guy that was leading the parade a few years ago. Perhaps the other one retired?

Along with the Happy Dragon Boys, there were several other dragons, and of course, the Lion Dancers. My favourite!

He got very close to us. I know that it’s lucky if you touch the lion, but I didn’t see anyone else trying to pet him, so I kept my hands to myself, but I really wanted to pat him on the head.

There were horses…

…and did you know that girls are Dragon Dancers? I have proof! Look!

I would love to wear Lion and Dragon Dancer pants. And with the write wriggly pattern, it would make a lovely quilt pattern, too.

My favourite high school band was there – the Burnaby North Vikings. It was good to see them and all their helmets. I look forward to seeing them at every parade.

And there were plenty of pretty dancers with fans.

Plenty more Year of the Horse Chinese New Year parade photos here. Enjoy!

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