NERDS! The economic miracle

Please note: When I use the word, “Nerd”, I do it with endearment. Nerds are my favourite. In fact, I married one. I *heart* nerds!

Don’t you think people like this:

Fan Expo Vancouver 2013

Would make standing in line for regular, day-to-day things way more fun? I think so. I’d love to be standing behind this person while waiting for the bus every morning.

Speaking of line ups, this was the LONGEST line I have ever, ever, ever seen for any event I’ve been to. At $40/person, you have to tip your hat to the Fan Expo. I got to the Conference Centre just after 11:30 and the line up went from the front of the Convention Centre, all the way past the sails to the end of the pier and BACK. Apparently there were 2 line ups – one for people with tickets, and those looking to buy tickets. The volume of people was incredible and there were some pretty great costumes. I didn’t take time to take too many photos when I first got there because I was on a mission to get to the career fair. And I got there. That was a great career fair for VFX studios and some mobile gaming companies. I shook hands and met a few people I had worked with before, so it was good to connect. I have plenty of follow up to do on Monday. This is good news!

After all the handshaking, I took out my trusty camera and took photos of the people in costumes.  Like these people:

Fan Expo Vancouver 2013

Fan Expo Vancouver 2013

Fan Expo Vancouver 2013

I don’t know who they are all dressed up like, but I should start investing in wigs and wood glue. I heard from a trusted source that the way to get your hair to get sharp points like this:

Fan Expo Vancouver 2013

is wood glue. Apparently it is water soluble, so it just washes out with some water, shampoo and elbow grease.

I really liked this costume.

Fan Expo Vancouver 2013

It’s very spooky. I can’t see his eyes and I always feel like I can’t breathe whenever I see someone wearing a gas mask – or anything gas mask like. EEP.

Amongst the fans that dress exactly like their heroes, I found this fan who just likes to wear her hero’s logos and colours as much as possible.

Fan Expo Vancouver 2013

And I’m not sure what was happening here. Other giving this photo the title of, “Are We Having Fun Yet?”

Fan Expo Vancouver 2013

Maybe they were just exhausted from all the excitement inside.

Plenty more photos here if you like that sort of thing!

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  1. Wes A. Wiens says:

    OK, seriously, I totally need to nerd out right now.

    The guy in the gas mask is wearing the one-of-a-kind Advanced Riot Gear armor from Fallout: New Vegas (the character is known as The Courier). It is the best armor in the game (not counting power armors, but I don’t like those), and very difficult to maintain, but totally worth it.

    It is so awesome seeing someone making such a detailed costume of it. do you have any more pictures of them?

    BTW- Dressing up as characters and such for conventions etc is called Cosplay.

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