Oh! I LOVE a parade – the grumpy pants edition

Mike and I got up at the crack of dawn (well, for me, anyway) to see the Hats Off Parade – or the Pants Off Parade as we dubbed it – down the street in The Heights. Thankfully, everyone we saw had their pants on. However, I somehow managed to get photos of many wearing their grumpy pants. I know, at a parade! What the? Maybe it was the early start time (9 am) or maybe it was the teensiest bit of rain showers we had early on, but they passed quickly. I’m not sure, but, look!

It looks like he’s wearing his Grumpy Overalls in the parade.

Such a gloomy Gus. I can’t figure out why – he even had a smiley clown sitting right next to him.

This little one put her sour striped shirt on this morning. Maybe all she needed was a coffee.

Coffee always helps me when I feel grumpy in the morning. Just ask Mike.

Speaking of Mike…

I know. Flipping the bird at a parade. Really uncalled for.

And this character…he’s really more creepy than grumpy…

EEP! But I couldn’t stop taking his photo. I watching this creature long enough to see him stand up – he was on his knees and that’s why he looked so odd. He looked much less creepy when I could see a person’s legs underneath.


Stay tuned for a collection of smiley, happy people. Morning people. They really do exist!


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