Paralympic Opening Ceremonies – Part 3

Next up, the opening of the opening ceremonies. Before the teams were welcomed in, all kinds of people were trumpeted in by this band perched on the scary platform stage. Watch out, guys!

Don’t worry. They were okay.

Just in case you miss them, here is Part 1 of the ceremonies, and Part 2.

Below the platform, the a solo trumpet player played…

And the Mounties arrived.

Then they lit up the floor like this:

They welcomed the Premier of BC and the Prime Minister of Canada – they were sitting really far away, so I couldn’t see them at all. Awww! I know.

But, I did get to see a tiny Governor General of Canada getting escorted in by a whole bunch of kids.

The official mascot of the Paralympic Games arrived – Sumi. He floated above the crowd. So awesome. The light work was amazing for this event.

Here’s Sumi’s big shadow:

Next up? The teams arrive from all over the world! But I’ll have to post them tomorrow. After the Sledge Hockey game we’ll be at at 10:00 am. Norway VS. Italy.

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